WordPress’ Gutenberg editor, theme throwback and paradigm shift on posts

Johannes Gensfleisch zur Laden zum Gutenberg, c. 1400. Inventor of movable type printing press. The inspiration behind non-related projects of WordPress’ new Gutenberg post editor and Project Gutenberg.

After careful consideration, Cbanga360.Net switches back in time to a dated and quirky theme of a few eons back.

The change was made into effect last week bringing upfront past and previous posts (Throwback and Upcoming) to our readers which are still relevant and were most read that time.

This makeover could be temporary as we glide along with learning the rudiments of the new WordPress “Gutenberg editor.”  Gutenberg is a nice attempt at enhancing the default but dated WP Classic Editor. The new editor is being pushed to users with limited option.

Meanwhile, with the option of installing the plugin for “Classic Editor” and usable for a limited time, we are going ahead and totally embracing Gutenberg but with apprehension still. Anyways, it will be rolled out packaged with WordPress 5.0 the coming weeks.

The post pages on NOAH and Red Monkey Talks got most of our time, and still unfinished doing it, for the makeover.

Also included in the shift will be the debut of seminal and experimental in-house comment from Avatars and Ninjas. But test will start only for articles and posts with satire treatment under the NOAH category.

Quick peek below:

John Austero

Occasional Blogger

Agree. It will take some time for learning curve to kick in upwards. We are viewing the new editor to redeem its value into productivity.

Gladys Rellore

Sr H/S Teacher

Not into that.  But have observed my bro navigate his WordPress site using the new editor for test run only.  Have not heard any complaint, or maybe just keeping it to himself.

This post was created with Gutenberg Editor but with much help from the Classic Editor.  I mean, I have to go back and forth between editors, as some features of plugins are accessed only using the old post editor . 

Just noting here it takes more time composing a short post as compared to previous experience.  Hope that as we go forward the new editor will come along better and enhanced. It is best to compose the post in a word processor. 

I’m using the awesome app Notepad Plus Plus (Notepad++) which is lightweight and carries no HTML formatting baggage.  Better still, made sure article is already polished,  spell-checked, fact-checked, perfect for publication, before heading to the new post editor.  

A ready permalink helps a lot.  If it is not the same as the title of the post.

As an example, the permalink (portmanteau of permanent link) of this post is “https://cbanga360.net/wordpress-gutenberg-editor-theme-throwback-and-makeover-on-posts” VS the title of:  WordPress’ Gutenberg editor, theme throwback and paradigm shift on posts.

It is because the title can be changed or revised, but the permalink will be forever pointing, linking to the article.







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