Hats tip off for WordPress plugin developers vs. spam, unwanted users, etc.

Time to tip our hat(s) off to WordPress plugin developers. Without them, the web sites on our watch would be a nightmare to maintain.

Yesterday, I spent considerable amount of time and attention at deleting the 20K-plus unsolicited “contributors” in Cbanga360.net’s Bicol Street Journal and 2K-plus on the Bulletin Today.com sites. The “users” were logging in and out, leaving behind a clutter of useless data on the database. Imagine deleting each and every user one at a time, or even 10 a set. That would be too much to take and waste effort on.


Good enough for our benefit, there is the Bulk Delete plugin by Sudar (sudarmuthu.com) deletion process was a breeze we went ahead deleting 500 users at a time.

Now for unsolicited comments, the still reliable Akismet plugin by the WordPress’ Automatic group comes in handy. Not ever one comment can pass thru its watchful 24-hour stake-in.

And, much like a redundancy approach, also on guard is the Stop Spammers Spam Control plugin by Keith P. Graham. The plugin does an amazing service for us.

Also in our list of very handy and helpful plugin include the Optimize Database After Deleting Revisions by Cage Web Design group. After deleting the spams, users, etc., I ran the Optimize plugin and voila! on the Cbanga360 database alone, 20MB of disk space was recovered and dusted off of unwanted clutter. Great job.

Here’s our hat’s tip off again, WordPress plugin developers. Keep going and many thanks.


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