Shout Out to Pinoy Parents and Graduates

This will be the first time ever this writer makes a shout out on this blog. But only for a very special reason and ocassion.

Christina Claire, our sister’s youngest daughter graduates today from the rigorous training and education of San Beda College’s degree in (doctor of) medicine. Throughout her schooling, Claire maintained high grades and performed well in her chosen course.

File photo, during the candle lighting ceremony by students of clinical nursing at AMEC.

The graduation ceremonies takes place at the San Beda Abbey Church of Our Lady of Monserat, Abbot Lopez hall in Mendiola today at around 4:00 o’clock in the afternoon. Claire receives the distinction of 7th honor and most outstanding clinical clerk.

She first took her early college education at the Ago Medical and Educational Center- Bicol Christian College of Medicine in Legaspi (AMEC-BCCM). She graduated with the bachelor’s degree in clinical nursing with the honors of magna cum laude, outstanding clinical student and the Class Nightingale.

After passing the nursing board licensure examination, Claire pursued her medical education in Manila.

Previous to this, her eldest sister, Christina Carmelli also passed the physician licensure board examination conducted on February 2009. She also graduated from San Beda.

Carmel may have set the pace in the family. She was first introduced into the medical world while in Legaspi. After graduating cum laude from AMEC-BCCM with the degree on medical technology, she passed the licensure examination on the same year of her graduation.

So our shout out here is for our sister who have seen to it that her children will get the desired education worth looking forward to. To her we give our big congratulations! Her efforts (perspiration) and inspiration have finally ended and indeed, was worth the wait.

But while we felicitate on this occasion, it is disturbing if we consider how many graduates from the numerous schools of the country will get job placement afterwards. It will always remain a question forever. For the multitude of graduates, like in clinical nursing, may end up in call centers and the worst scenario- as sales clerks in mall stores, for there are not too many hospitals can absorb the abundant supply of manpower. No wonder, majority focused their sight on overseas jobs.

But things has changed already. In some countries, especially in the United States of America, demand for nurses has dwindled down to almost in the zero possibility.

Meanwhile, we are glad to note that Dr. Tolentino of San Francisco, Calabanga, has finally made a homecoming, after years of working in the states.

Many Filipino doctors migrated to America and went on to work and accept menial jobs other than the chosen field they graduated from. This is a sad truth due there is dearth of job openings in the country coupled with the Philippine government placement policy of exporting Filipino manpower out of the country.

Quo vadis, graduates?

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