Echinopsis cactus springs reprise bloom, and then some time lapse

Echinopsis cactus springs reprise bloom, and then some time lapse.


This is the second feat after last year’s during the first full flower bloom of five year old bunch of our potted Echinopsis cactus. In the excitement, I may have taken enough photos for the memory including video shots that time. Now, in its second year of “bragging” its flowers, the cactus again compelled us to take lasting photos. In its entire “seasonal bloom” of way over two weeks, it may have popped more than last year’s. Each flower lasts for only two days, though. The challenge is to put up great effort at making a time lapse next time.

Meanwhile, sharing below the previous movie compiled last year.

Then watch below how enthusiasts recorded thru timelapse the opening of several Echinopsis species for viewer’s delight. And thanks to these Cactus lovers for uploading in YouTube their masterpiece.

Uploaded on Jul 28, 2011: 4 hours time lapse, 974 pictures, 15 seconds interval Camera: Canon S3IS with CHDK.

Published on Sep 11, 2012: dommage j’ai loupe l’heure de floraison , je n’en ai qu’une partie !!!

Uploaded on Feb 6, 2012 Got that Echinopsis as Sunset, but regarding the habit, must be another cross. But it is in each case a goof bloomer with an interesting colour. The flowers are around 10 cm in diameter.

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And here is the first original post about Echinopsis cactus surprise summer bloom.


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