Butterfly shrub-tree proven medicinal value on diabetics, kidney and urinary ailments

In search of butterflies we find a likely cure for some illness This is the time of year when spring, the full season of flowers bloom and summer collide. During my youth, in the rural areas and ricefields, we find droves of butterflies, small and big alike, flutter in the windblown fields. I would take my little feet to those fields to fly kites, catch dragonflies and admire butterflies.


Now, as grown up, the fields are drier many times than before. The dragonflies, the butterflies are rare in the fields than before. Maybe because
new technologies are used in the rice farms,
using bad herbicides, pesticides and fertilizers that try to wipe out insects in the guise to push food production level.


But there is one tree I also associated with butterfles because its bilobed leaves resemble the wings of the dainty insect. I am referring to the butterfly shrub-tree, the Bauhinia, in some countries it is referred also as Pata de Vaca. The shrub-tree is mostly leafy all year round, except that around this time, its flowers have already wilted and gave way to abundant green pods. When matured, the pods will start a new generation of butterfly trees which are easy to plant and cultivate.

The butterfly leaves has a proven medicinal value. “It has a solid reputation for balancing blood sugar levels among diabetics, healing diabetic related diseases like kidney disorders and urinary problems. The effects of this herb on blood sugar have been clinically tested in South America where it is widely used by traditional healers. It has no competition in the plant kingdom or in modern medicine. Bauhinia is so effective at balancing blood glucose levels that some professionals are starting to call it “vegetable insulin.”


Some species have color variants of yellow and white, too, it made us thank nature that somewhere in the neighborhood, or in the wide expanse of forested lands, lie undiscovered herbs, plants, shrubs and trees that have medicinal value when used properly.


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