Map integration test on some posts, NOAH features addition


This is another heads up on the back side of this site, on what the team has been up to lately. But of course, the output can be seen on the post pages upfront. Map integration was finally tested. While concern it might contribute or add to site lagging, the incorporation was set on a few test posts below. The reason behind the maps is based on perceived reader preference on the geolocation of the event or news source. Check out below, if you haven’t noticed it yet.

P13.1-billion Southern Luzon Expressway extension project briefing held

Alleged 14K drug ring member, wife faces suit for possession of P.4-M shabu

Goa town officials face illegal detention charges, arrest warrants issued

Nora Aunor to get ceremonial accolade as adopted daughter, ruffles feathers of Naga City folks

One more quick feature added to the special channel “NOAH” – news one and half, The Satire Journal is demonstrated on the posts: here, and here with an unhappy smily. It is the editor’s RED FLAG, for while it is REAL NEWS, (a) has no need editing as in itself is a satire already, or, (b) has a significant undiscussed implication.

There are more minor features the team is looking for integration soon. But development is being constrained, we need your help here in case you feel generous and lucky.

By the way, I drafted part of this post here:

[flexiblemap address=”Door 1 Pavilion 2 Panganiban Drive, Bubble Town Tea House, Naga City, Bicol, Philippines” region=”ph” directions=”true” width=”100%” height=”200px” zoom=”18″ ]


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