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I am planting Echinopsis Cactus. Welcome and you are watching another feature episode coming right up.

Hi, I am planting Echinopsis Cactus. Actually it is more of rescue and propagation of a new generation of cactus. The new batch will rise like the unbeatable and proverbial phoenix from the overgrowth of my four potted plants.

These guys I have completely ignored and not (failed to) maintained for close to a year after their last spring bloom.

I usually do not allow new growth on the sides of full grown, matured cactus. Aside from it destroys the symmetry, it also interferes in the straight body growth of the plant.

Due to that maintenance oversight, here I find a lot of new baby growths and the matured plants are bending on all sides already.

Now I have separated new growths from their parents, I will cultivate them as new independent plants by themselves.

I am using small ceramic cups, decorative vases or whatever I have available on hand.

Echinopsis will best grow on sandy and dry soil which I don’t have right now. So instead I’m using potting soil mix which I earlier discussed on previous post. I will include the link down below if you want to make.

With the potting mix, I add small stones even as small pebbles are also an ideal replacement. I am doing this so that even if the plants get over watered, it would drain easily. Echinopsis will not thrive well if the soil is always wet and damp.

I do not handle these plants with fine needle-like pricky thorns with bare hands. The almost microscopic thin end of the thorns easily stick into the fingers and its painful I use tweezers and magnifying glass to remove. Even as I use hand gloves over another thicker one for comfort and safety, the fine thorns still manage to slip into the gloves and I could feel the sting.

This cactus is easy to grow, I have here eight month old plants in robust growth already. Some even spawned new babies. Two of the tall growth are showing signs it will be flowering soon. After that, they will be transferred to bigger pots to give them space for more robust growth and next spring, they will show off a lot of flowers.

I will post a second video about echinopsis cactus so I hope you stay tuned for that.

Meanwhile, thanks for watching and see you soon.

Watch the video on our official inMotion channel of Cbanga360 video in YouTube HERE.

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