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The Parish Church of Divine Mercy in Paolbo

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First Published         25 Mar , 2010      11:43 am      (UTC/GMT -8 HRS)

What can the alliance of dream, determination, cooperation, faith, hope, charity, hard work, perseverance, community organization and vision accomplish and build?

A parish church and pious Catholic community in the sub-hilly part of Calabanga’s village in Paolbo. The area is nestled in the outlying foothills of Mt. Isarog sliced by the paved provincial road that traverses the town of Calabanga from the city of Naga and on towards Tinambac town and the last virgin frontier now largely ignored in the province that soon may bloom to a beautiful tourist destination- my original hometown of Siruma.

The story began with the vision of setting up a new parish whose religious residents are least served and the people intimidated because of distance in attending regular services from the two “nearest” parishes which was a choice of either the Holy Cross in Manguiring or the vicarial church of Our Lady of La Porteria at the town center. A good timing though, the canonical erection of the church fits in the thrust of the archbishopric of increasing parishes in Caceres.

The site may not be equidistant between the two parishes but perfectly settled well for the future parishioners. So that when the generous Falcon family donated a piece of land for the purpose, a dream suddenly germinates and took roots.

On June 30, 2003, the parish was canonically established under the Titular Divine Mercy with a designated feast day on every second Sunday after Easter. Fr. Eligio Jovensie Balang was tasked to start the grueling objective of uniting the religious towards the monumental effort of building the physical structure of the church.

Masses were first held at the parish rectory garage where the altar was located using an extension out of ingenious nipa shingles, coconut lumber and bamboo poles and slats. During this time a donation campaign was carried out for the construction of the church itself.

To shorten the story, the religious community has constructed the modest parish church now the center of devotion in the area.

Next time, we’ll check out the inside details of the church. By the way, Fr. Balang is appealing for donations to finish the church altar which is still under construction. Please deposit donations at the Banco de Oro Naga-Plaza Rizal Branch account number 5970033244 Divine Mercy Parish 4405. For more info, call +63 (054) 255-6926.

Thanks to Sky Watch Team of Klaus, Sandy, Ivar, Wren, Fishing Guy, Louise and Sylvia. See more skies on this link.   Skywatch Friday

First Published         25 Mar , 2010      11:43 am      (UTC/GMT -8 HRS)


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21 Responses

  1. ewok1993 says:

    what a beautiful church.

  2. chubskulit says:

    Been to Calabanga many times back in the 90s. That’s good that they have a parish church to go to now.

    Please take a peek of my skywatch shots!

  3. Carver says:

    Beautiful Church and a good post.

  4. Tara R. says:

    Congratulations on the construction of the new parish.

  5. LV says:

    What a lovely church and your story was so interesting. Great post sharing a part of your world.

  6. Regina says:

    Finally its finish! Thank God.
    Happy weekend Japa.

  7. Ebie says:

    The spirit of team work made it a success!

    It is a beautiful church!

  8. Evelyn says:

    It’s quite a unique structure

  9. January says:

    Teamwork… Filipinos are good at it.. Lovely Church!

    Against Gray Sky

  10. afanja says:

    Beautiful building under a great sky.
    Enjoy your weekend!

  11. Joyful says:

    W wonderful dream come try for the community it serves. Praising God for the tenacity and devotion of the people.

  12. Coffeeveggie addict. says:

    very nice…kayang kaya pag sama sama lol!…..

  13. peppermint says:

    What a beautiful church. So happy seeing that this building finally happened. Yes, unseen hand indeed work in mysteriuos ways.

  14. magiceye says:

    a beautiful church indeed!

  15. Mridula says:

    What a beautiful church and a lovely sky too in the first picture.

  16. Serline says:

    Reminds of a hymn, “We are the Church”. Not merely a building, the church is the community of brothers and sisters united in Christ. God bless!

  17. Gattina says:

    The church looks very nice, not at all like our churches here !

  18. Anonymous says:

    Great site. A lot of useful information here.

  19. […] parish of the Divine Mercy ministers to the devout residents of three barangays which include Paolbo of Calabanga, formerly […]

  20. […] parish of the Divine Mercy ministers to the devout residents of three barangays which include Paolbo of Calabanga, formerly […]

  21. Rashad Deng says:

    Good for you, master writer. You are amazing.