Happy nuBlogger

With the initial post here of  I’m a new blogger,  am calling these collective thoughts, insights and learnings, etc., of a nuBLOGGER. which I would like to share fellow bloggers and passers by.

After laboring on whether to continue or not with this blog, and after having posted the first nuBLOGGER blog we found some more energy and “Muse” and here we still are.

Since nobody can ever answer our lingering queries, we solved it ourselves, or I should say, added scripts to satisfy our curiosity.

The first baffling question was, are there “people” who visit this blog? So we installed these free flag counter, visitor counter, unique visitor counter, page view counter, and so on. And true enough, we got the answer. Some or a few of these widgets even peeked into the source of the visitors like the origin continent, IP address, country, domain, sub domain, search engine (if ever the visit originated from searches) and referral source.

One or some of the scripts could even collect info on the browser being used like Microsoft Internet Explorer 4 up to 8, Firefox’s Mozilla, Safari, Netscape, or Google Chrome. The user’s computer operating system as in, Windows ME/2000/XP/NT/Vista, MacOS, Linux (2), Etc.

I have checked other blogs and pretty much amazed that some have those Feedjit scripts running that gives impression on where the visit came from and pages (being) read on current blog visited, live. Isn’t that cool. There’s more than many one can choose but come to think of it, the blog page become cluttered and unsightly, and the clearest example is like mine!!!! I also think that sometimes, the widgets destruct the visitor for some moment during the visit. That’s why very soon, some of the counter things will be phased out in this blog. Promise.

It is because we have one simple tool and reliable script running efficiently and giving us the greatest answer to our question, after all. This one does more than I wish for. It counts page impression, read: counts visit/read on every blog item/post and the duration of visit/read. And it doesn’t even show on the blog page. Never.

So now, even if visitors scan or read every single post, it is counted a page impression. Never mind if after the read, no comment or reaction was dropped. The visit was counted, and impression per page was recorded. That’s what I need.

It doesn’t daunt me anymore if after the effort on putting up the post, many visits come and no comment was left. Fair enough. I posted one. Blog was read., page impression(s) was/were recorded.

I’m a happy nuBLOGGER.

What do you think?


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  1. Well, there you are. Glad you are happier now!

    But I still think we who write blogs are privileged if anyone thinks what we do is worth a visit; and that we cannot expect comments. Where would newspapers be if they only sold copies to people who came in to congratulate them on their work?


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