Flowers Are A Source Of Joy And Delight

Flowers are a source of joy and delight. Even if I am not that familiar of one too many, am posting here a specie gathered from my sister’s frontyard. Could this be the New South Wales Christmas bush flowers (Ceratopetallum gummiferum)?

It’s a guess though. Will always stand corrected, maybe I would need help to ID this one and appreciate it always. Happy flower watching.

Thank you for hosting Luiz, Denise, Laerte and Valkyrien. See more flowers here at: Today’s Flowers


0 thoughts on “Flowers Are A Source Of Joy And Delight”

  1. We have that kind of flower in the garden before we were flooded and I thought they call it Rosa Mia. It never ran out of flowers.


  2. Wow, so many blooms, look like it will never stop blooming! What a delight!

    Sorry, I don’t know the name either.

  3. Yes, flowers are indeed a source of joy and delight. These plants are so exotic!! I love the colour of the blossoms.

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