Adding Ease of Use on Desktop Functionality

Taking time out writing blog by changing desktop make-up and functionality for ease of use.

Thought I’d show how my desktop look like to friends and readers.

With all the thousands of files saved on folders and subfolders, it takes awhile looking for particular saved material on my notebook.

I have organized the desktop display on three particular zones as shown on the figure on top.

General programs are grouped on the left, most often used ones, including maintenance tool, on the bottom, right corner.

The shortcut links for active, references, working and miscellaneous files stacked inside folders easily distinguished per project name, on the upper right.

Ease of use and locating files/pics just improved tremendously with the “system”.

Before this, sometimes unlocated files I let the computer search one file and per folder at a time that take ages to complete.

Have already retired the regular background that came with the notebook with a frame used on previous post about barangay Balongay and the Bicol river.

Much refreshing yet, and makes me think of the place in particular and nature and the environment, always.

By the way, the Admin has completed updating the site theme. There was a disruption for few minutes, but nevertheless, there was no “untoward” incident felt/noticed on our side. The dropdown sub-menu from categories is gone (is it temporary, Mr. Admin?).

Over to the readers:
How did you arrange the functionality of your desktop?


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