Hurray to 2011, to Our Friends and Readers

Fireworks mark the year end of 2010 and the start of a hopeful new year 2011.

After seventeen months into our non-regular, sometimes semi-hibernation style in blogging about Calabanga and many things Bicol, we come up with this summary update:

* Covered over 210 individual and combined postings, with the 100th entry going online on August 2010,
* 6 posts were reverted to draft status, and
* site visitors are still “too shy” of leaving imprints by way of a comment.

Cbanga360 modestly discussed and featured short bursts of posts a la mini-series on-

* the Calabanga town fiesta,
* Balongay and the Bicol river,
* the Penafrancia festivities,
* Bicol LGUs income and budget (which should find continuation this year),
* Siruma (the final post coming up very soon),
* issues of regional and national concern on human rights, business process outsourcing and employment, conditional cash transfer, the public-private partnership initiated-thrust of the government, poverty,
* and stand-alone posts of varied issue and topic.

We have also tapped resources like the guest postings which turned out very informative, offering us and readers a different angle and point of view at checking out issues and facts.

We have yet to post the conclusion on this piece Remembering Calabanga, which we inadvertently placed in the draft of back burner for so long a time, but should come up this January.

This year, we will continue our best practice and efforts. But also, we have our wish list here:

* Feature production of short video and interview of local personalities- educators, religious, the man on the street, the Facebookers, students, parents, LGU officials, Bicol OFWs, etc.

* Encourage readers to send in pics, write-ups and contributions (and hopefully, Cbanga360 can compensate modestly).

* Come up with the guidelines for contributors. Watch out for this.

* Launch simple contests for readers and all with token gifts in return.

To our friends and readers, Happy New Year to all. Hurray for 2011!!! (


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