Miss Philippines Wins Crown of Miss World 2013


Miss Philippines Megan Young wins the coveted crown and title of Miss World 2013.

2. Miss France
3. Miss Ghana

The beauty pageant was held at Bali, Indonesia on Saturday.

Top five

1. Miss France
2. Miss Philippines
3. Miss Ghana
4. Miss Brazil
5. Miss Spain
6. Miss Gibraltar -winner of the “People’s Choice”

There was a slight glitch, when Miss Philippines was called and a short video about her was shown, Miss Poland VTR was shown on the screen for a few seconds then stopped.

Earlier the semifinalists were from

1. Philippines
2. Brazil
3. Australia
4. France
5. Nepal:
6. England
7. Indonesia
8. Spain
9. Jamaica
10. Ghana

Hours before the Miss World 2013 final begins, winners of the five major Challenge Events was released by the Miss World Organization.

For the Top Model Challenge, Ms. Philippines Megan Young was declared the winner with Miss US Olivia Jordan, 2nd; Miss France Marine Lorphelin, 3rd; Miss Ukraine Anna Zalachkivska, 4rth; and Miss Brazil Sancler Frantz, 5th.

Winners of the Sports Challenge are: Miss Netherlands Jacqueline Steenbeek, Miss Spain Elena Ibarbia Jimenez, 2nd; Miss Northern Ireland Meagan Green, 3rd; Coral Ruiz Reyes, 4rth; Miss Salvador Paola Ayala, 5th.

Beach Fashion Challenge winners are: Miss Brazil Sancler Frants, Miss France, 2nd; Miss Ghana Naa Okailey Shooter, 3rd; Miss Jamaica Gina Hargitaly, 4rth, and Miss Philippines, 5th.

Multimedia Challenge winner goes to Ms India Navneet Kaur Dhillon, Miss Thailand Kanyaphak Phokesomboon, 2nd; Miss Nepal, 3rd; Miss Philippines, 4rth; and Miss Malaysia Melinder Bhullar, 5th.

Beauty with a Purpose Challenge winners: Miss Nepal Ishani Shrestha; Miss Australia Erin Holland, 2nd; Miss Tanzania Brigitte Lyimo, 3rd; Miss Belgium Noemie Happart, 4rth; Miss Brazil, 5th; Miss France, 6th; Miss Ghana, 7th; Miss Kirsty Heslewood, 8th; Miss India, 9th; and Miss Aruba Larissa Leeuwe.

More on video library: HERE FOR MORE


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