Some good things don’t last forever, change has to takeover


Some good things do not last forever. At least in our experience sharing the driver seat of “” and the “The Bulletin”.

To our loyal readers and friends, this post is our way of sharing and breaking the upcoming update on changes of the sites, from layout to content to editorial considerations.

In the past weeks, our sysad upgraded the layouts with awesome, engaging themes that is good to the eyes. More reader friendly adding more plethora than we expect. The outcome was very satisfactory.

But while the make over is just on the surface, our publisher and editors gathered heads together to go beyond that.

You see, Cbanga360-net-The Bicol Street Journal (BSJ) is “older” than The Bulletin Today (TBT). According to one site review, of the 30 Million domains around the world, BSJ is ranked only at 873,676th and valued at USD4,898. Another conservative reviewer of the site has this statistics to prove: BSJ has an average visitor of 428/day, 12,840 visitors/month, 154,080 visitors/year, 2,070 pageviews/day, 62,100 pageviews/month, 745,200 pageviews/year giving it an Alexa rank of low 1,639,277th. Our on-board analytics program concurs on this findings.

2015_0222_flowers are not meant to last3

On some days, BSJ has seen some exciting visits that spike beyond the 5,000 mark.

The most recent article that gathered overwhelming view (19,033) and counting is Brutal Mamasapano massacre video becomes viral in social media

But one of the artciles which has an all-time high of views (45,391) is one about AdeN U Grad Tops Nursing Board

2015_0222_fflowers are not meant to last1

The most commented post is about Mt. Mayon on Tight Watch for Eruption but only with a mere 6,067 views published during our Google’s Blogspot days, the early inception of the BSJ.

The most shared post in social media in the past few weeks was about the Megamouth shark from Burias pass preserved for public viewing.

Moving forward with the initial changes will be both a respite to the editors and giving the sites initial focus and direction.

2015_0222_flowers are not meant to last2

Beginning today, but for the meantime only, a “stop-post” will prevail on the Bulletin Today, while the BSJ in the back-end will upgrade its database. BSJ will now move ahead at posting news and articles which will cover very related articles about the Bicol region, as usual its primary focus, but will absorb the other regional and national news which used to be the forte of The Bulletin Today, eliminating double posting on the sites and the social media.

So, what’s ahead for The Bulletin Today? It will be the outlet for world news reposts, entertainment, technology and social media mashups. And yet, we are still open to many possibilities from hereon and beyond.

Stay with us on this our exciting journey.


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