Rompeolas: Where the Waves Cavort

Let’s spend an afternoon, and perhaps wait for the sun set, at the Rompeolas of Sorsogon city. Rompeolas is a Spanish word, roughly translated to “where the waves cavort.” This used to be a port where inter-island ships dock now re-designed and converted to a whole new facilty that will cater to tourists, local and itinerants. Blog visitors are most welcome to help us translate the word.

The place offers beautiful sunset views, fresh air and a great space to jog and walk after a hard days work. Already, locals have integrated into their lives a regular visit here. On weekends, it is full of Sorsogon denizens, young and old, or families with toddlers in tow. (Will post more info and pics, later.)

These photos by our nephew Cid and thanks to my sister who will soon join our blogging team.

Duman kita sa Rompeolas

Duman kita sarong hapon, o kaya maghalat kan pagsulnop kan saldang, sa famosong Rompeolas sa ciudad kan Sorsogon. An “rompeolas,” Espanol na tataramon, sabi kun saen an alon naghahadok. An lugar na ini dati daungan kan mga lantsa saka bapor, ngonian ginibong facilidad, sarong usar iyo an pasyaran kan mga tawo, lokal asin dayong turista.

An lugar mahihilngan nin magayon na pag sulnop kan saldang, freskong doros asin mahiwas na lakawan pagkatapos nin trabaho. Sa ngonian, an pagbisita digde parte na kan buhay kan mga tawo. Kun Sabado saka Domingo, dakul na taga-Sorsogon , gurang o aki, o kaya mga familya na may mga darang kaakian.

Thanks to Sky Watch Team of Klaus, Sandy, Ivar, Wren, Fishing Guy, Louise and Sylvia and to 2Sweetnsaxy:  Skywatch Friday : Watery Wednesday.


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  2. Beautiful views, thanks for sharing with us in Sky Watch Friday and thanks for your kind comments on my blog earlier.

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  4. A beautiful spot to live by made possible for tourist attraction. Spectacular shots. Thanks for stopping by New York city!

  5. Developing and redeveloping our natural resources help boost our economy!

    The views are spectacular! And I look forward to more photos!

  6. dearest….forgive me , I was travelling….only now….I get to visit u.
    great shots.
    have a nice sunday, dearesat

  7. Hi, Janice,

    That’s what I need. Appreciate and thanks for the info. The Philippines had been under 400 years of Spanish rule, hence the influence and the enrichment of culture, including on the Bicol language which has many Spanish words and terms.

  8. Janice,
    In the process of making a reply, I inadvertently pressed the delete option. No way I can re-post the comment but only thru this way. My apologies. (Good enough, messages are also recorded and streams thru my email):

    Postcards from Wildwood has left a new comment on your post “Rompeolas: Where the Waves Cavort”:

    It’s a beautiful place, Japa, beautifully captured. Rompeolas means breakwater, coming from romper (to break) and olas (waves). But ‘where the waves cavort’ sounds so much more poetic!

    Posted by Postcards from Wildwood to CBANGA360 at November 10, 2009 6:02 PM

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    Terrible week is over now.

    Will visit your posts soon, wish to see you, my “Life as I see it” will up tomorrow.

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