Evelyn Yu, 3-term mayor of Calabanga, 71

Three-termer and first-ever woman to have occupied the mayoralty post of the town of Calabanga, Mrs. Evelyn S. Yu succumbed to heart failure. She was 71.

Close friends, relatives, family and many folks known to her in the town of Calabanga are missing already the presence of Mrs. Evelyn Yu,

She succumbed to heart ailment yesterday. She would be 72 on December 3,

The well-respected and unassuming former chief executive of the town left behind her footprints in good local governance.

She held the mayoralty post for three consecutive terms. Her vocal intention of returning to public service during the 2016 local elections though was not successful.

The social media posts and comments on her account show proof that she is respected, dearly missed and loved.

The former parish priest of Our Lady of Porteria gave a fitting summary of a single event during her lifetime:

Mrs. Yu will also be recalled as the first woman ever to have been elected mayor of the town.

She was the widow of Dr. Domingo Yu, former President and member of the Board of Directors of Camarines Sur II Electric Cooperative (CASURECO II).


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