It is summer, Clivia Miniata blooms


Seven years in a row, our lily house plant consistently blooms. We are referring to the Clivia Miniata, also known as Natal Lily, bush lily or Kaffir lily.

From just one plant nine years ago, it spawned a new offspring after five years which was transplanted to a new pot. The mother plant has bloomed every year for the past seven years, It is the second time for the first offspring’s bloom and the second offspring plant is on its first bloom, though. Quick recall here, last year the mother plant surprised us with two stalks of flowers.

Perhaps the (nutrition or richness of the) soil has got something to do with how and why the plant multiply or sprout less or more new baby plants. We have proven that the lily is not delicate to propagate. We let the first baby offspring grow inside the mother plant’s pot for a year and moved it to another just after the (mother plant) flower’s stalk wilted.

This Clivia Miniata blooms on the third week of February and up to this writing, the first bloom of the third offspring is still going strong. The flowers exude a very faint sweet smell. Usually the (flower) stalk with its clump of flowers, that range from 12 to 14, top off above the swordlike leaves of the lily. We were told that it is poisonous.

Seldom we bring the pots outside the house,and if we do, not directly under the sun, as the leaves get sunburn so easily. It is also a magnet for (white) aphids, we had to wipe the leaves with damp tissue to always expose the natural shiny look.

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  • It is summer, Clivia Miniata blooms
  • Soil nutrients influence on why and how the plant propagate new baby plant
  • Consistently blooms bet February and April


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