Web sites finally integrates Google custom search engine


After relying on built-in functionality provided by the current and previous WordPress themes in searching the archives, both websites The Bicol Street Journal and The Bulletin Today (now deactivated as of January 2015) has the Google search engine fully integrated and working perfectly well.

The search, though, limit results to web pages of both sites only.

Main reason for that is we do not want to lose visitors by pointing them directly to sites outside our network. As much as possible, we want to hold their undivided attention free from temptation to jump overboard unto another website other than ours by our own commission of error.

As of this posting, the sites now has the combined posts of 2,213 including this one, which is a remarkable milestone in our online web presence.

A trove of information now resides on the archives, ready reference with just few clicks of the mouse.


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