The Bubbling Water of Lake Nag-Aso in Manito

The rural town of Manito is opening up to the influx of tourists brought about by the eco-tourism drive of the government. While it is home to the 160-megawatt Manito-Bacon geothermal plant, the site is being developed to cater to tourists for its myriad of natural attractions.

One among the many gems of the town is the three-hectare (7.41 acre) Nag-aso Lake, also known as Lake Mainit (meaning, hot) within the villages of Balabagon and Hulugan. In Bicol language, nag-aso means steaming or boiling. Local residents about the area and visitors alike boil (chicken) eggs on the lake and it’s already hard boiled in less than ten minutes!

With a temperature of one hundred degrees Celsius (or 212 degrees Fahrenheit) no living creature, like fish, inhabit the lake. Some areas have pools one can observe the steams and bubble bursts. Come high tide, the basin is enundated with sea water from Albay gulf, yet, the lake maintains its show of steam and bubbles.

It is amazing that surrounding trees and greens survive the temperature, hence the lush vegetation.

Manito is the southernmost town of Albay that borders Sorsogon. Together with Sorsogon province’s town of Bacon, the government have set up the Bacon-Manito geothermal plant to harness the natural energy from underground.

Manito, which has a population of 21,652, is about forty kilometers from Legazpi city, the capital of Albay. The town of Bacon was merged with the capital town of Sorsogon to become the new local government unit named city of Sorsogon with combined population count of 151,454 as of the official 2007 census.

Photographs here and thanks to my brother who worked for a government agency in Albay province. (To be continued.)

An Mainit na Danaw

An pobre asin mabukid na banwaan kan Manito nagbubukas sa pag-abot kan mga turista dara kan pagtulod sa turismo kan gobyerno. Mientras na yaon digde an Manito-Bacon geothermal plant. An lugar padagos an pagconvertir ngani makahigop nin mga turista dara kan dakul na hilingon na natural.

Saro sa mga pinag-urgolyo kan banwaan iyo an danaw kan Nag-aso, sakop kan barangay Balbagon asin Hulugan. An mga lokal na residentes asin bisita naglalabon ni sugok sa lawa sa laog nin dai pa sampulong minuto!

Sa temepraturang sangatos na Celsius, mayo nin buhay na sira an mahiling sa danaw, an ibang lugar may kalot na mahihiling an aso asin kalakaga kan tubig. Pag abot kan tubig dagat, nalaog sa danaw alagad mantinido pa man an init asin hiling man giraray an aso kaini.

Nakakangalas na an palibot na kakahuyan asin doot nabubuhay sa mainit na temperatura kaya mahibog an mga nakatambo.

An Manito pinakapurong banwaan sa sur kan Albay asin kataid kan Sorsogon. Kaibahan an banwaan nin Bacon sa Sorsogon, an gobyerno iminukna an planta kan geothermal Bacon-Manito.

An Manito may populasyon na 21,652, poko mas 40 kilometro an rayo sa ciudad kan Legazpi. An banwaan kan Bacon pigsaro sa kapitolyo kan Sorsogon asin ginibong ciudad na may pinagsarong populasyon na 151,454 segun sa opisyal na census kan taon 2007.
An mga retrato digde kua asin salamt sa samuyang tugang na nagtrabaho sa sarong agencia kan provincia. (May sunod pa ining artikulo.)

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  1. Very interesting. I also posted about a geo-thermal area this week, one in California. I did not mention it in my post but there is a nearby power plant here as well.

  2. beautiful place! the temperature can boil an egg?? wow! this must be a crate lake…like the lake at the foot of Mount Kanlaon in Negros.

  3. Are you a Bicolano? Just curious because my wife is a bicolana and she has photos about the boiling lake too somewhere in Albay province.

    Anyway, great shots and very informative too. I have learned some tagalog words hehehe..

    Come and see some parts of South Korea. Have great day!

    1. This is a very late reply, but a big YES. Previously made visits and dropped comments on your blog and also on your wife’s blog. Both very engaging and informative.

  4. A natural hot spring! We have one in my hometown in Negros Oriental and they are generating steam power for electricity (PNOC).

    Very informative post!

  5. Just by looking at the photos, the setting seems like it would be a nice place to go to to escape the city noise. I hope that it will always stay so peaceful looking! Thanks for stopping by and visiting my watery post…

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