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ABS-CBN Wraps 2nd Regional Student Newscasting Competition in Naga

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First Published         27 Aug , 2013      10:19 am. (UTC/GMT -8 HRS)

Dr. Elnora Brocales

Dr. Elnora Brocales

DREAB. Dr. Elnora Brocales, Previously of Bicol University, she is busy juggling her days mentoring at the Mariners Polytechnic Colleges Foundation and enjoying the company of her grandkids. She moonlights writing as Contributor of Cbanga360 - The Bicol Street Journal.
Dr. Elnora Brocales

2013_0827_absbroadcastingSheina Alicante, 2nd year college student of Bicol University in journalism wins first place with a rating of 88.11% in the just concluded 2nd Bicol newscasting competition. The contest was held last Saturday, August 24th, at The Tent of Avenue Plaza Hotel in Naga city. Other winners include second placer Quinnie Hipolito of Aquinas University with a rating of 88%. Third place winner was Kimwel Joseph Buetinezon of Central Bicol State University of Agriculture- Pasacao campus, with 87.67% rating.

A bevy of young and hopeful college students who someday may enter the local broadcast industry had their coveted moments opened by the ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corporation Regional Group Bicol.

Hopeful talents vied it out in four newscasting events conducted in actual field news coverage in Bicol language, live newscasting in English, Filipino and Bicol, respectively. Scripts were handed out to contestants just a few minutes from the start of the competition.

Colleges and universities in the region sent their delegation-entries. Fourteen were able to qualify in the finals from the pre-provincial eliminations.

The schools include the University of Northeastern Philippines in Iriga city, Central Bicol State University of Agriculture- Pasacao campus, Mariners Polytechnic College Foundation – Naga city branch, University of Saint Anthony of Iriga city, Partido State University, Mabini Colleges of Daet, Remilianum College of Sorsogon, University of Nueva Caceres, Camarines Norte Colleges, Aquinas University of Legazpi, Divine Word College of Legazpi, Universidad de Sta. Isabel in Naga, and Bicol University.

This contest is part of ABS’ campaign to encourage future young broadcast jounalists and enthusiasts, as well as foster fair and honest news reporting and enhanced developmental communication in the industry.

The board of judges were composed of model-host Angel Aquino, ABS broadcast journalists-field reporters Ryan Chua and Jeff Canoy.



First Published         27 Aug , 2013      10:19 am      (UTC/GMT -8 HRS)       with 878 views.


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