Majorettes Amaze Crowd at Calabanga 2010 Parade

Calabanga has a myriad of public schools strategically located about the municipality. Public schools compose the majority of the educational institutions considered the backbone of education from elementary up to college in the town. Todate, there are about 38 elementary, seven high schools, two colleges joined by other privately- owned or run learning institutions.

Yesterday, during the pre-fiesta parade celebration, many of these institutions fielded representatives showcasing the showmanship, talent and faces of their students. Consider how long the parade went on with the long list of participants.

They presented exhibition and action fronting the makeshift review grandstand, right into that commercial area, everybody calls the “Parada”.

Below are the amazing majorettes from these schools that literaly spread more festive joy and color to the celebration. Consider the number of hours of practice were spent by these girls and their mentors for twirling tricks and fancy marching just to please the eager spectators. Their selfless efforts were well appreciated and did not pass in vain. It was all worth it. Parents did spent some fortune on their colorful uniforms and shoes.

And by the way, the event was an overwhelming success graced with good weather.

Our Tony Abalayan, Jr. was there and filed these photos.


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