PANDRAMATIC: UN-attached agency BANS Twitter users seeking inclusion of TAIWAN input on novel coronavirus

flag of the Republic of China in Taiwan.
Flag of the Republic of China

The franctic rush and battle to find immediate solution to China’s Wuhan new coronavirus pandemic threat is getting a different narrative and coverage on the cyberspace, more particularly in the social media platform.

This we gathered after the official Twitter account of the International Civil Aviation Organization or ICAO, which is part of the United Nations, did something least expected.

The account was observed to have spent the past three days beginning Monday banning Twitter users who pointed to the fact it (ICAO) was excluding Taiwan from inclusion in the discussion, cooperation and participation in helping curve the dreaded virus.

The current ICAO body is under the leadership of Secretary General Fang Liu, who was the top ranking aviation official of the People’s Republic of China.

It must be noted here that Liu, follows the doctine the communist mainland tells the world about their one China policy. While Taiwan is an independent and sovereign nation which was never under the rule of China, the people’s republic considers the island a runaway province and part of the regime’s territory.

So ironic that when (Chinese) Taiwan, officially the Republic of China (ROC), was dislodged from the membership of the United Nations the world body accepted the mainland as new Chinese representative.

With that membership, all UN bodies, most notable are ICAO and World Health Organization, stopped recognizing and cooperating with the ROC government.

The Republic of China has eight known cases of the novel coronavirus while the mainland has over 6,000 officially reported cases.

Meanwhile, below is a vlog by a foreign teacher working in Wuhan covering present time while the city is in a virtual ‘bubble wrap’ under quarantine as the deadly coronavirus continues to spread across China .


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