Pandemic: Why the SOCIAL CREDIT system in CHINA is more than “BIG BROTHER’s” eyes

street surveillance camera
No place to hide. Plenty of surveillance cameras are strategically located and many in between. (Photograb)

The world has been tuned in for weeks now to the heightened health security challenge that is blowing up into a proportion worthy of pandemic consideration, this new coronavirus (2019nCoV) from China.

The official version was that it debuted specifically in the densely populated city of Wuhan of Hubei province, thanks to the people’s love for exotic animals like bats and snakes. But are we hearing some muffled murmurs, we hear any other version, like a cons—–y theory of something close to an experi—t gone berserk or uncontrolled? It remains to be verified this bio w—-n claim thing.

But as people in the center of this health emergency are restless, it is best well to know that some residents may have been unable or missed the opportunity to escape from Wuhan because of one other thing.

China is known to implement a social credit system that will govern its citizens, nay, closely monitor its people like spy on them every moment of their lives.

It is a vast ranking system that will monitor the behavior of its ginormous population, and rank them all based on their “social credit” standing which was announced sometime in 2014.

According to a government paper, it aims to reinforce the idea that “keeping trust is glorious and breaking trust is disgraceful.”

The program is mandatory and expected to be operational nationwide beginning this year. It started for pilot test accross the mainland already.

The program updates on real time the record of a person’s social score which can move up and down depending on behavior.

While the application methodology is not publicly known still one good group sample like infractions on bad driving, smoking in non-smoking zones, posting fake news online or buying too many video games can cause a score to go up or down.

For more on this, we come up with two explainers which are as clear as can be:

And here is another.

How many residents were not able to escape Wuhan because of the system, if ever it is already active in the area?


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