Pandemic: A WUHAN HOSPITAL CHIEF with coronavirus DIES and more infections and deaths update

Wuhan Hospital boss Liu Zhiming dies of Covid-19
Wuhan Hospital boss Liu Zhiming dies of Covid-19. (Twitter image capture).

China’s state media reports have confirmed that Liu Zhiming, the boss of one of the Wuhan hospitals battling the coronavirus, has died. This information surfaces as Hubei province reports Covid-19 infections of 1,807 new cases, and 93 deaths.

Below, twitter handle @Secret_Beijing shared this information on death of the hospital chief:

And here’s a minor disgusting information from the same Twitter handle. Media staffs in a local hospital in Gansu province were asked to shave their hair to show devotion to battle against coronavirus:

An emerging information from the secluded depths of Tibet, the territory overtaken and ruled by China’s communist party comes a tip of an iceberg. While the infection is raging in Wuhan and in 31 provinces of China, the occupying force want the outside world to believe the Himalayan territory is exempt from the virus.

Here comes a trickle of report that the official narrative of zero infection being enforced by party leaders in the area was after all false.

Now starting as online rumors, albeit unconfirmed reports, that Covid-19 has caused deaths of 5 already. The local leaders motivation to impress Xi Jinping is fading. Now they can reason out the delay or withholding of information can be traced to lack of resources as an alibi.

And we cap this post with an in-depth discussion about covid-19 below:


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