This robot is seen to enter the workforce in the future

This robot is seen to enter the workforce in the future.

There now exist a robot that is most-human-like, reports Ruptly online. It is powered by software similar to Apple’s Siri.

The robot was developed by scientists of the Nanyang technological University in Singapore.

It is named Nadine after Professor Nadia Thalmann, its creator. Nadine is a look-alike of its creator, it seems.

Robot Nadine is now ‘working’ as receptionist of the university.

The humanoid, a doppelganger of Prof. Nadia Thalmann, albeit with a Scottish accent rather than her native Swiss twang, is designed to operate as a personal assistant in offices and homes of the future. Described in an NTU press release as having “soft skin and flowing brunette hair” Nadine is able to smile at visitors and looks into their eyes when talking. She is also able to shake hands with human beings and wave them goodbye.

Image screen grab of Nadine form Youtube.H/T Ruptly.

Scientists working on the project seeks to turn a virtual personality construct into a physical being with the ability to observe and interact with humans, according to the report.

Another robot is a tele-presence robot named EDGAR which has a rear-projecting screen for its face and two highly articulated arms.

A user standing in front of specialized webcam can control the robot from any Internet connection. The user’s facial expressions will be displayed on the robot’s screen in real time, Ruptly added.

H/T Ruptly / Footage courtesy of Nanyang Technological University.

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