Pandemic: Last video post of JOURNALIST now captive by CHINA’s communist party

Render of Covid-19 or 2019nCoV
Render of Covid-19 or 2019nCoV, the deadly virus cause respiratory infection on human which had an outbreak in the City of Wuhan in Hubei province, China.

Journalist Bin Fang exposed the truth of 2019 new #coronavirus from Wuhan, recently ID’d by the World Health Organization as #Covid19, and now thought to be under detention or captivity by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Below was the last video he was able to post on social media sharing site Twitter before his eventual capture by Chinese authorities.

It is believed he will be punished by the unforgiving and heavy handed-arm of the communist government.

On his post, Fang addressed viewers, more to his fellow Chinese in mainland, that “the more you beg, the more they will bully and persecute you.” He was referring to the one party dictatorship rule of the CCP.

“Do you think you would get what you want by begging or knwwling down for mercy?” he asked.

He cautioned that “Today, all Chinese citizens regardless of your social classes are all under the slavery and bullying of this evil regime run by the red dragon, the so-called Marxism, no matter how you are no matter what class you belong to even if you were a commanding officer or a general, so what? “

His rant against the communist party continued with his warning that “They could imprison you, have you killed or confiscate your properties anytime they want.”

No wonder, his post was too much to take, he is known to have been captured by the CCP eventually.

Watch more below:


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