Visual effects director sells old SUV by epic viral video

H/T: Screenshot of Eugene Romanovsky's viral YouTube video.
H/T: Screenshot of Eugene Romanovsky’s viral YouTube video.

He love his car. Have driven it for 10 years. It is 1996 Model Suzuki Vitara. But he has to let go from that personal attachment.

This mixed feeling, “with deep sorrow selling my little beast,” for a 21-year old SUV proved powerful enough that owner Eugene Romanovsky had to let go of the driving machine with a fitting tribute.

In the end, he came up with a powerful advertising campaign in YouTube that it more gave the car manufacturer a free exposure, what with the 3,321,620 views already and counting.

The Israeli-based owner, a native of Latvia, is a visual effects artist, more specifically a creative director/VFX supervisor/head of motion for the graphics department of a company in Tel Aviv.

Can you identify or at least recognize footages mixed on the viral video? (Hint: Jurassic Park, Mad Max: Fury Road)

For those interested in buying the vehicle, you are too late. It’s been sold already.

Watch the video below:


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