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‘Laglag Bala’ scheme spreads, now also in PH seaport?

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First Published         9 Nov , 2015      4:48 am. (UTC/GMT -8 HRS)

‘Laglag Bala’ scheme spreads, now also in Philippine seaport(s)?

smileredunhappyMany expect that the alleged scam of ‘laglag-bala’ is on the wane with the eyes and ears of Malacanang already appraised.

But no. It would seem that the modus operandi is spreading slowly, but surely.

On Saturday night Manila port authorities intercepted a man when they found a bullet inside his bag at the Port of Manila.

The 21 year old man identified as Daryl Incong was destined for Dipolog city with his family through the North Harbor. Passing the x-ray machine, the personnel were alerted with a .38 caliber bullet inside his baggage.

The man was apprehended there and then. Incong, who works as a security guard, claim he was not carrying a bullet. And the bullets being issued by his security company are old in comparison to the one allegedly found in his bag which was brand new.

Incong’s uncle alleged that authorities informed them Daryl need to post between P120,000.00 to P80,000.00 bail aside from an additional P40,000.00 for his release.


Thanks to the social networks, information about the Laglag-Bala scam spread like wildfire in the world wide web which Malacanang can not suppress, including the scam itself.

Based on this incident, ‘laglag-bala’ scam is a lucrative money making venture, better than the pyramid scams also hounding many Filipinos.


Netizens taking the Laglag Bala scam in the country with a grain of laughter and scorn at the administration. Above and this image courtesy of Lou Medina on Facebook

No wonder, the social media is abuzz of the ‘drop-bullet’ scheme at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport. Despite the seriousness and threat to freedom, safety and livelihood of Filipinos coming home and departing, particularly the Overseas Filipino Workers, many still find time to take the current and prevailing situation in a lighter mood.



First Published         9 Nov , 2015      4:48 am      (UTC/GMT -8 HRS)       with 376 views.


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  1. cbanga360 says:

    World’s worst airport is also a dangerous place to be, now.