Pandemic: These are DAMNING world HEADLINES on CHINA’s Wuhan-MADE CORONAVIRUS covid-19

Render of Covid-19 or 2019nCoV
Render of Covid-19 or 2019nCoV, the deadly virus cause respiratory infection on human which had an outbreak in the City of Wuhan in Hubei province, China.

It’s all over the news. Online. Printed. Broadcast. Blog. Vlog. Social sharing sites. The prognosis on the sweeping effects of dreaded coronavirus or Covid-19 (as the World Health Organization wants us to refer to it to clear the stigma now surrounding it) is overflowing.

The last continent yet ‘untouched’ by the coronavirus is South America. As already, the first infected person surfaced already in Egypt. Africa is the next playground of China’s belt and road program, so many nations have been cavorting to the financial loans, among other ‘benefits’ dangled by Xi Jinping but with a lot of caviat.

African countries may need to stop accepting visitors from China already, or for the meantime, But how can they. Many Chinese-owned and operated business interests in Africa are strongly attached to the initiative of the communist nation. They are therefore run and managed by Chinese nationals who come and go from China to Africa with constant frequency,

Coronavirus quarantine violators are sent to re-education camps:

And here are damning headlines that graced the front pages for information:

  • Coronavirus kills 2 in Iran
  • As China Grinds To A Halt, Firms Can No Longer Afford To Pay Workers
  • Adidas China business activity crashes 85% due to virus shock
  • Democaratic Republic of Congo uses Ebola testing system for coronavirus
  • Hundreds in Hong Kong protest plans for coronavirus centers in residential areas
  • Senator Tom Cottton acuses US mainstream media spouting Chinese Communist propaganda line on coronavirus
  • China’s city-streets empty as workers avoid coronavirus
  • Israel bans East Asian travelers from entry dur to coronavirus
  • Hong Kong protesters denounce quarantine plans, block streets and rail lines
  • Armed gang steals toilet paper amid Hong Kong coronavirus panic
  • China plans cacelling annual lawmaking session over coronavirus
  • Nearly 80% of American-operated factories in Shanghai claim lack of workers
  • China’s President Xi Jinping demands obedience to battle coronavirus, deflects blame and points to local officials
  • China ‘punishes’ local officials after coronavirus patient hangs self
  • Coronavirus reasches Africa, first patient identified in Egypt
  • Jews and Chinese officials gather at Western Wall to pray for end of coronavirus
  • China’s devoted fan and defender World Health Organization applauds the communist country’s coronavirus outbreak response
  • France confrims first coronavirus death beyond Asian
  • Face masks, hand sanitizer become Hong Kongs most wanted Valentines day gifts
  • Facebook cancels global marketing summit in San Francisco for fear of coronavirus

And here’s a video discussion on the coronavirus pandemic:


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