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Pinoy hackers take over, deface more websites

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First Published         6 May , 2016      4:38 pm. (UTC/GMT -8 HRS)


Check this out! Hackers striked back. This time, not only one but more websites were hacked and taken over, identifying themselves as ‘Pinoy Hackers.’

We sample one hacked site, and the defaced front page displays the message “Pinoy Hackers,” and with the message “Greetings Philippines! We are Pinoy Hackers. Sa Darating na Ika-Siyam: Huwag pahintulutan na ang boto ay mapupunta lang sa wala! Huwag pahihintulutan na ang uupo ay nakakamkam ng mga boto dahil sa pangmaramihang dayaan! Huwag maniwala sa ipinagkakalat ng isang news giant na paninira sa isang politiko.”

Obviously, the hackers were reacting and sympathetic to one candidate just recently hit with a political ad on nationwide tv that caused sensation in the social network sites including online newspapers.

Even the websties of Tagum City-based Davao Regional Hospital and the Southern Philippines Development Authority were also defaced as of this posting.

There are more than ten other websites taken over by the hackers.

In March, the site of the Commission on Elections was taken over by hackers and voters’ data was downloaded and posted on the internet.



First Published         6 May , 2016      4:38 pm      (UTC/GMT -8 HRS)       with 160 views.


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