Yellow Bells by the Sidewalk

Lucky for us to still find and appreciate flowers so ordinary and common in our place. But for the people ravaged by the typhoons and floods in metro Manila, and still in the flooded area around Laguna de Bay and outlying provinces, and again in northern and part of central Luzon, here in the Philippines, flowers are a rare sighting and only etched in memory. They will have to wait for some time before they will be able to see and appreciate one. Much of these areas are still flooded, many towns still submerged in ten feet high of water as we post this item today.

Masuerte kita na makahiling nin burak maski na ordinaryo sana samuyang lugar. Pero sa mga tao na inagihan bagyo saka binaha sa kaManilaan, urog nang gayo an palibot kan lawa kan Laguna kaiba ang kataid na mga provincia asin naotro sa norte asin centro kan Luzon digde sa Pilipinas, an mga burak dai mahihiling nin haloy. Mayoriya sa kadagaan duman nasa irarom nin tubig, an iba sagkod sampulong piye an langkaw.

On a good note, in a move of reciprocity, Bicolanos rallied to the aid of those affected by the first typhoon Ondoy. An initial batch of aid called Bicol Caravan composed of over 30 cars, three trucks, ten dump trucks, and two dredgers, rolled into evacuation centers in metro Manila and Rizal province bringing with them an assortment of relief goods and assistance.

An maogmang bareta, sa hiro na garong bayad sa utang na boot, may mga Bicolano nagkasararo magtabang sa pinerhuwisyo kan bagyo. An primerong grupo na Bicol Caravan kumpuesto nin 30 na awto, tolong truck, sampulong dump truck, asin duwang pankalot, nagduman sa pili na lugar na evacuation centers sa kaManilaan asin Rizal na may darang pagkakan asin gamit.

A fifty-member team of volunteers also came along and helped in the dredging of canals, waterways and clean-up of muddy streets for about two days. A group of Bicol doctors aided those injured.

An singkwenta katao na grupo nin mga nagbuluntaryo kaiba sa caravan nagtabang sa pagkalkal kan mga kanal, agihan nin tubig asin paglinig kan mga malaboy na kalye sa laog nin duwang aldaw. May grupo man na mga Bikolanong doctor an nagtao nin libreng konsultasyon asin bulong.

The caravan started in the city of Legazpi on their way to Manila. Along the streets folks were waiting with their plastic bags with used clothing, sardines, biscuits and noodles which filled more than two trucks in addition to the goods they were carrying. Earlier the organizers coordinated with radio stations, civic and community organizations in the city for donations.

An caravan gikan sa ciudad nin Legazpi pasiring sa kaManilaan. Sa gilid kan tinampo an mga tawo nakabantay may mga supot na pigaapon sa trak an laog lumang bado, sardinas, biskwit asin pansit na nakapano kan lampas sa duwang trak na naidagdag sa dara ninda. Naenot nang nag-mukna nin tabang an grupo kaiba an mga radio asin iba pang grupo civico sa ciudad.

In the province of Camarines Sur, including the city of Naga and the towns here, and all over Bicol, the same effort is being conducted with the same purpose.
This action is akin to reciprocity to a similar effort when Bicol suffered three years ago from typhoons Milenyo (Xansane) and Reming (Durian) when aid poured from the people north of Bicol.

Sa provincia nin Camarines Sur asin sa bilog na Kabikolan, an parehong proyekto pigpunan man na may kaparehong objeto.
An aksyon na ani sarong pagbayad sa utang na boot kan an Kabikolan agihan man nin remalaso tolong taon na an nakalipas huli sa bagyong Milenyo asin Reming an dakul na tabang nag-abot hale sa mga tao sa norte kan Bicol.

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11 thoughts on “Yellow Bells by the Sidewalk”

  1. Exquisite shot of a gorgeous flower! Love the rich color!

    Thanks for visiting my blog and for your comments! Always appreciated!


  2. Thank you for sharing this post, not only for your beautiful photo but for giving us insight into what is being done to help so many people. My continued prayers for those affected by the devastating floods.

  3. Lovely flower.

    I wish that it didn’t take calamaties to bring out the best in people and make them strive to help their fellow man. Would that it would be so every day.

  4. Beautiful golden yellow flower and a lovely shot, Japa. Thank you also for the information about the relief effort. I hope sincerely that it will continue to go smoothly.

  5. That’s the Allamanda Flower, quiet common in Asia. Good to know that the relief efforts toward rebuilding the effected area is still going on, hopefully there won’t be another storm in the near future.

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