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UAE’s Dubai move forward with driverless, autonomous car tests

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First Published         3 Dec , 2016      4:30 pm. (UTC/GMT -8 HRS)


Screen grab of dashboard of an autonomous, driverless, electric car used in the video promo during the test run in Dubai.

United Arab Emirate’s Dubai is going forward with the testing of driverless vehicle in its streets.

Where luxury cars are as ubiquitous as the landmarks of this middle eastern territory, the third testing deployment of autonomous car went ahead smoothly using an autonomous electric bus.

The vehicle cruised on the famous Business Bay powered with chargeable battery that can cruise for eight hours between charging.

The test was pushed through with the coordination of RTA and Dubai Properties.

The first two driverless testing was done on the area near Dubai World Trade Center and Mohammed bin Rashid boulevard.

It was made known that Bay visitors can experience a ride for the whole duration of the testing period.

More tests ahead are in store for the city, though. The future trials could cover expanded areas within the emirate even as the technology on driverless motoring evolve with enhancements.

Watch the video during the first test run below to appreciate how an autonomous, driverless motoring would look and perhaps, feel:

First Published         3 Dec , 2016      4:30 pm      (UTC/GMT -8 HRS)       with 198 views.


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