Jollibee will soon ‘invade’ Europe via Italy

Customers queue in line before handing out orders at the counter. Pictured here, doting grandmum accompany grandkid at a local chain branch in Naga City.

Next year, Filipino expats in Europe will get to taste Philippine’s ‘home grown hamburger’ and related to go food stuff.

This is because industry leader Jollibee Foods Corporation is set to make a European debut with the strong possibility in Italy.

Italy is home and host to many expat Filipinos, including overseas workers, that surely are missing the hamburger taste they had been used to already.

According to information, the food chain will take advantage of the concentration of overseas Filipinos whose number is huge in Milan and Rome, which probably has the largest in Europe.

In North America, the restaurant chain has opened up outlets in areas with strong presence of Filipino Americans, like California, Hawaii, Nevada, New Jersey, Texas, Illinois, Washington and Virginia.

The company is looking forward to opening three more stores next year, one each in Chicago, Florida and Manhattan in New York.

Neighboring Canada will get its stores in Winnipeg, Manitoba (Dec. 15, 2016) and Ontario, too. United Kingdom, Indonesia, Australia, Malaysia branches are in the drawing board, also.

These are additions aside from the current outlets and brands now operating in North America.

So far, the food chain maintains outlets in the country which numbers could increase. Now it has 954 Jollibee, 241 Greenwich, 465 Chowking, 365 Red Ribbon, 453 Mang Insal and 67 Burger King stores.

But wait, outside the Philippines, it operates various brands, too. In China, 316 Yonghe King, 42 Zhuang Yuan, 68 San Pin Wang, 8 Dunkin’ Donuts, to name a few.

The dominance of its various brands is also visible in Vietnam, Brunei, Hong Kong, Singapore, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

While the food chain has a total network of 3,236 as of this posting, it is also familiar with failed franchises and branches.

For the record, JFC also opened overseas branches in Malaysia, Taiwan, Guam, Indonesia, Saipan, Papua New Guinea and the Northern Marianas islands, Long Beach (California) but after sometime, were closed due to diminished demand and patronage.

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