Deviating Our Norm, PC Virus and Malware

The other night, I have to “combat” an infection of my daughter’s notebook. It was an oversight on my part the real antivirus software expired a week ago. The pesky virus “internet security 2010” suddenly breathed life on her screen when my son used the unit surfing.

There are more resources online educating users about and how to remove the virus, here, as a starter. But surely, just search and tons of info will pop out. One needs another “clean” PC to do so, while working on the infected unit.

Anyway, I tried many ways as recommended by the sites visited. In the end, had to reformat the computer and did a clean install of the system as the simple recovery function was also disabled by the virus. Don’t worry, we were able to save documents on a separate removable drive.

Now the unit is back to its worthy state after having re-placed other programs. O yes, have installed a new McAfee internet antivirus 2010, too.

Earlier in the week, I also helped my friend remove the scam malware “personal security” from her desktop even as she has an active AVG antivirus working on the background.

And just in case you’re scouting for a free antivirus freeware, take a look of the CNET review on Avira AntiVir Personal where download link of the software is just a click way.

To what extent us users will be subjected to this kind of threat is only limited by the imagination of computer virus and malware progenitors. Or is it time to switch to an Apple desktop now?


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