Anonymous Philippines hack NTC website to protest slow internet speed

What better way to protest the slow internet speed prevailing in the Philippines? Well, hackers took possession of the National Telecommunications Commission website on Sunday. The main purpose could be to show a strong protest on the very slow, in fact, one of the lowest internet speed in the world.

NTC’s website was replaced by a black background overlaid by a message from the hacker group, Anonymous Philippines.

“We, Anonymous Philippines, are sympathizing with our fellow Filipino netizens whose battle cries are the ‘OVER PROMISED, UNDER DELIVERED’ system of our internet service providers; it is the neigh direct proportionality of our internet speeds and bandwidths in relation to price. We, as a country, suffer on the bottom of the internet pyramid having one of the lowest internet speeds while paying the same amount, or even higher, compared to other countries; adding DATA CAPPING to our ‘UNLIMITED’ data plans sums up to our great burden as an avid follower of the internet – for studies and such,” the message read.

“We are calling forth the attention of the NATIONAL TELECOMMUNICATIONS COMMISSION for this matter in hand; with this we talk as a whole…as ONE, we are asking for fairness in charging and serving our data services; Unlimited should be patterned to its name – ‘UNLIMITED’; not ‘UNLIMITED with 800MB cap.’ A 2 MBPS speed should never be a 56kbps (kilobytes per second). A 98 percent service reliability should be always on the 98% part, not the 2 percent one,” it added.

The hackers also ended the message saying that they “do not forgive” and “do not forget.”

The slow internet speed also desuaded at sharing the live stream coverage of the just conluded Penafrancia foot procession and fluvial activities last Saturday, September 19, 2015. (With PNA report)

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