Almost the Running Man of Palaro 2016 and some spicy hints of politics


smileredunhappyWe were about to identify an athlete as the “running man” during the pompous opening day parade on that happy day of April 10 (Monday) of the just concluded Palarong Pambansa 2016 held in Albay sports complex inside the compound of the Bicol University.

Good enough we did’t. We are referring to the torch bearer runner on the last stage of the relay inside the campus. In the video, he appears at about 3:00:52. The short distance, second to the last relay, runner who also pushed the honored PWD torch bearer on his wheel chair towards the giant cauldron propped up with enormous pepper (sili) posts of green and red. Then, he reclaimed the torch and was positioned on a lift up to finally igniting the huge flame.

We are referring to “The Golden Boy” Terrence Bill Vitanzos Romeo (dob March 16, 1992) of the GlobalPort Batang Pier’s point guard and shooting guard at times, of the Philippine Basketball Association(PBA).

The organizers can’t help but gather some big names (professional sports players and movie stars) to prop the games but for us, the Palaro in itself is enough to drum enough support and patronage from locals, patrons and amateur sports enthusiasts.

Earlier, as the program struggles to start, during the address of Daraga mayor Jerry Jaucian, he muddled the name of a Liberal Party senatorial candidate as Leila Benitez, a former movie star-tv hostess. Good for her, why was she at the sports event, anyway. Jaucian even addressed her as the next senator of the republic. But another hopeful senatorial candidate but not a party mate of Jaucian was only addressed as vice mayor of Manila and never referred to as an upcoming senator of the country.

Anyway, we enjoyed watching the replay sans low quality video, technical glitches on the conduct of the live stream with interference, and audio from people on the stage. It was memorable.

  • Almost the Running Man of Palaro 2016 and some spicy hints of politics
  • A senatorial candidate was acknowledged, awfully wrong last name
  • The opening day coverage was very memorable and colorful

Below is a replay of the Palaro opening, again:


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