34 SSS officers, executives received salaries, bonuses of P116 million in 2014


smileredunhappyMaybe it was the right but unpopular decision for Malacananng not granting the raise in pension of SSS members so the troubled agency can stay afloat.

But what is more disheartening to know is that the people at the helm of the agency are doing a different stroke. Many thanks to former Iloilo congressman Augusto Syjuco by disclosing how much the executives are milking the Social Security System’s finances.

According to Mr. Syjuco, in 2014 the agency’s 34 officers received fat salaries and bonuses amounting to P116 million.

Mr. Syjuco detailed them as Elizabeth Bettina Antonio, SSS Board member/ commissioner with P5,997,400; Rizaldy Capulong, executive vice president with P4,959,898.83; Eddie Jara, senior vice president with P4,949,365.24; Jose Bautista, senior vice president (P4,896,557.43);

Judy Frances See, senior vice president (P4,858,929.87) May Catherine Ciriaco, vice president (P4,747,589.90), Mario Sibucao, vice president (P4,557,731.53); Agnes San Jose, vice president (P4,414,748.40); Gwen Marie Samontina, vice president (P4,200,986.73).

Also included were Juan Santos, chairman of the board (P4,196,399.84); Emilio de Quiros Jr., president/ CEO (P4,188,689.36); Marissu Bugante, vice president (P4,070,048.65); Josie Magana, vice president (P4,034,846.60); Daniel Edralin, board member/ commissioner (P3,862,000); Nicholas Balbuena, vice president (P3,847,975.53);

Antonio Argabioso, vice president (P3,816,354.33); Elvira Resare, vice president (P3,466,051.92); Milagros Pacayatan, vice president (P3,448,065.53); Voltaire Agas, senior vice president (P3,394,885.21); Ibarra Alonzo, board member/ commissioner (P3,307,000); Diana Aguilar, board member/ commissioner (P3,187,400); Nestor Sacayan, vice president (P3,156,404.73).

Marianita Mendoza, board member/commissioner (P2,998,400); Jesse Caberoy, vice president (P2,866,869.27); Emilio de Quiros Jr., board member (P2,656,000); Ma. Lourdes Mendoza, vice president (P2,556,590.01); Bienvenido Lasuesma, board member/ commissioner (P2,532,200); George Ongkengko, senior vice president (P2,392,922.27);

Gamelin Oczon, vice president (P2,343,084.25); Hidelza Castillo, vice president (P2,162,399.84); Joel Layson, senior vice president (P1,793,339.17); Edgare Solilapsi, executive vice president (P1,677,182.46); Santiago Dionisio Agdeppa, senior vice president (P653,834.98) and Alan Gene Padilla, vice president (P634,114.07).

Syjuco said a total of P116,826,265.95 was given to the 34 officials as against the two million SSS members awaiting the increase of their pensions.

Perhaps, President Benigno S. Aquino III has to do something proactive in behalf of the SSS members who in the first place are the one shelling out monthly contribution to the system only to be apportioned by the executives for themselves.

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