Pandramatic: FALSE rating President DUTERTE to JETSKI WUHAN eat corona virus or get invite from XI JINPING to visit BEIJING

President Duterte on Power Nap
File: Philippine President Rodrigo Roa Duterte on power nap during an international summit.

smileredunhappy Yes. it is 100% verified, not true. False rating that Philippine President Rodrigo Roa Duterte got an invite to visit Covid-19 plagued Beijing from Chinese President Xi Jinping. It is also 100% false that Duterte ever mentioned jet skiing to Wuhan, peeing in Beijing and eat coronavirus, even as a joke.

In fact, President Xi will not invite the septuagenrian leader since the pandemic threat of Covid19 more likely infect persons aged like Duterte’s and very susciptible to coronavirus.

The Chinese communist strongman would rather advise Duterte to stay in his room in Davao City inside his famous mosquito net (kulambo).

During the height of Taal volcano rumblings, Duterte did came out with a bravado that he will eat the ash from the eruption and pee on the volcano. That was nothing but an old man trying to steal the frontpage news. His boast was a dud.

While it was true that Duterte once boasted of riding a jetski to the West Philippine Sea and confront the Chinese’s island-grabbing, he never fulfilled that boast.

Jetski promise, nangyari (sic) na pero hindi si Pangulong Duterte ang gumawa at hindi sa Panatag Shoal (Jetski promise, fulfilled but not by President Duterte, and not to Panatag Shoal)


And that was also the false fulfillment of Duterte’s talk of jet skiing to the Philippine Rise. A team of jet skiers led by his son Baste was at Casiguran bay in Quezon province, far from the Benham Rise site.

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