Skiplagged founder raises over $50-K for legal defense

Techie founder of get the ire of United and Orbitz for exposing travel industry secret of hidden city ticketing that favors cheaper ticket flight of cost conscious travelers. Aktarer Zaman photo credit from LinkdIn.

The 22-year old Aktarer Zaman finds himself being sued by United Airlines and online travel agency Orbitz for putting up a website that helps travelers buy cheaper flight tickets.

The young Zaman of New York city opened the website which navigates into “hidden city” ticketing in providing people with cheaper but affordable airfares.

Orbitz and United are claiming US $75,000 on lost revenue from Zaman.

Hidden city ticketing is a strategy that the travel industry has been well aware of. Others consider the practice as a dirty little secret of the travel industry.

Skiplagged exposed the secret, many travelers suddenly became aware and responsive. It works wonders for cost conscious travelers in the most effective way.

For illustration, the traveler has to buy a ticket from city A to city B to city C but do not travel beyond city B. The strategy results in a substantial savings for the ticket buyer. In short, the traveler deplanes at a stopover instead of continuing on to the ticketed destination.

Meanwhile, Zaman has launched a crowd funding appeal on last November to help him defray the cost in fighting the lawsuit. So far, the techie on behalf of Skiplagged has raised over US $50,000.00 as of this posting.


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