Legazpi city not hosting APEC’s ISOM meet due to typhoon


MANILA, Dec. 3 (PNA) — Blame it on Typhoon Ruby. The city of Legazpi was scrapped as choice venue for the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation Informal Senior Officials Meeting (ISOM) from December 8-9, 2014, as reported here.

Instead, organizers opted to hold the event in Manila considering the risk poised by the oncoming typhoon.

According to an official statement of Malacanang, the change in venue was prompted by the expected arrival of Typhoon Ruby. Based on the state weather agency bulletin update, the cyclone will enter the Philippine area of responsibility by Thursday.

Malacanang Executive Secretary Paquito N. Ochoa said in a statement Wednesday night that “it will afford the local government (of Lgazpi) to focus on the necessary actions to be taken in light of the coming typhoon.”

“We thank Governor Salceda and the people of Albay for their cooperation and understanding. We are united in ensuring the safety and comfort of all delegates; we are likewise conscious of our abiding obligation to ensure that all steps are taken to prepare for the typhoon,” the statement added. (From PNA report)

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