Watch President Duterte tells us the true value of a Filipino soldiers life

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has determined the price or value of human life. And to be precise, this is applicable to the value or price of life, or however you may prefer to call it, of an enlisted man or woman in the armed forces of the country.

While human life is that precious when it comes to the Filipino family, and when one member’s life is snufffed, it breaks the family more so if the head of the family is the one gone.

In front of the enlisted soldiers of the 10th Infantry Agila division in Mindanao, in his home region, he assured each and every soldier their service will be valued as such.

And that will come when one dies in the service. I mean awarded.

And how much would that be.

He said, if the soldier dies, and his family is renting, the bereaved family will get their own house and a guaranteed educational scholarship for the children. That would be over and above the monetary benefits befitting the soldier. And I do hope it is a package of house and lot.

O, by the way, get used to hearing us say POTP. It is our accronym for, and meaning the, P=President O=Of T=the P=Philippines. No, we are not referring to the (slang) term for the weed, of course.

So we now get it that it would be over and above the regular benefits a dead enlisted man gets and leave behind for his mourning family.

So the valuation. as I might say, of a soldier’s life will be dependent on the number of his family members or dependents. Meaning, the number of dependents will give weight on the value of benefits. The larger the family, the more benefits of an equivalent in monetary windfall, staggered maybe. The smaller the family, the lesser the benefit.

It is because if the departed has more children, and minor, and needs education, this is where the educational scenario enters. The government will disbure and provide more funds.

You will not fit a large family to a one room or two-room house, I presume. Nor a wife left behind with one kid will be given a house with more than rooms they would need. To illustrate.

But what if the soldier is single, then the monetary benefit goes to the parents. If the single soldier’s family is renting, will his parents get a house and lot of their own? maybe perhaps, moreso when they are the soldier’s dependents.

If a slain soldier is newly married and is renting, will his widowed wife get a new house and lot? Yes, hopefully.

Sometimes, it is mind blowing when the chief executive makes pronouncements that are not so clear yet. Yet, it gives the warm bodies in the military some ray of expectation.

Is it laudable or anything, like, good enough?

But would the enlisted men and women rather live their lives to the fullest up until retirement or something?

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  1. To some degree, beneficiaries of military personnel who lost their lives performing duty were and are receiving the attention and assistance from the government.

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