Watch Teaser If We Erase Traditional Politics We Win

smileredunhappyThis Philippine province of almost two million people, or 1.9 (1,952,544) million warm bodies according to the official census count of 2015 is the biggest in the Bicol region in terms of population and land area.

While it is rich in natural resources and beautiful scenic places, majority of its inhabitants are poor. Among the Philippine provinces, it is one of the poorest.

With a big population it offers a great promising number of ready workforce and a big number of voters. But of course a great number of uninformed voters, too. A great number of misdirected and manipulated voters for the past many decades.

While the provincial map shows its clear boundaries from its neighboring provinces of Camarines Norte and Albay, at ground level, the province is sub-divided into five political fiefdoms.

It gives us an idea and bringing us back in time like during the medieval era in Europe where kingdoms and kings and royalties flourished and ruled nations and principalities. So here, political families rule the land.

I am referring to the province of Camarines Sur.

The prevailing situation is a creation of the constitution and the laws passed for the province that paved the way for the continued existence and propping up of fiefdoms. Well, it is common all over the country, I should say.

These political territories have grown and become subdivided from three, to four and now five.

Despite their immense power and influence, the constituents and voters can barely see any great positive change to appreciate their reason for being.

This is our teaser for the upcoming post on the traditional political fiefdoms in Camarines Sur. If we erase traditional politics, we win.

Watch the video posted on official Red Monkey Talks YouTube channel, on this link HERE or below:

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