Cebu Pacific totally bans loading hoverboards


The fear of hoverboard catching fire, primarily caused by its batteries, is catching up in the country. We mean, because of the isolated news on ‘accidental’ fires caused by an hoverboard, that is, low-cost carrier Cebu Pacific said Monday that all battery-operated personal transportation devices, such as hoverboards, will be prohibited on board its aircraft.

“These devices will not be accepted for check-in or hand-carry beginning today, Dec. 21, 2015,” Cebu Pacific said.

It further noted that hoverboards which run on high-powered lithium-ion batteries have been widely reported to have a tendency to overheat or spontaneously ignite.

These devices pose a fire hazard risk and are deemed unsafe for transport especially in aircraft’s pressurized cabin and cargo stowage spaces.

Cebu Pacific also added that hoverboards will not be stored for safekeeping in its airport and ticket offices.

Just to clarify here, hoverboards caused accidental battery fire were those being used. This also prompted a giant online retailer in the USA from banning the item on its inventory and discourage buyers from getting one except those it determined to be safe.

Fictional hoverboard first came into moviegoers consciousness when it debuted in the movie ‘Back to the Future’ used by film character Marty McFly.

Then, check out Tony Hawk on this amazing hoverboard!

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