Living by the Hillside Provides a Healthful Respite

“The real reason for physical fitness goes beyond the benefits one accrues from a healthy lifestyle,” is a famous line by Richard H. Utt. I personally believe it could be the dogma of every person who believes that Life is the most precious gift given by GOD. Therefore, it is our prime responsibility to preserve and take good care of it.

While scanning old files and newspapers I came across a story about an 80 year old woman from California who climbed Mt. Whitney, the highest peak in the contiguous United States for the fifteenth time. She had actually hiked down the Kalkab Trail and up the Bright Trail in Grand Canyon, Nevada.


Legazpi city landscape is interspersed with hills now the host to a mix of residential subdivisions, commercial and industrial purpose structures.

What was amazing was her ninety-six mile backpack trip along the John Muir Trail through the Sierra Peaks just to celebrate her seventy-seventh birthday. I am referring to Mrs. Hulda Crooks. Her unusual birthday celebrations started when she was in her seventies. Mrs. Crooks followed a regimen by jogging a mile from 5:30 a.m. and then brisk walking for another mile, in between her mountain climbing excursions. She likewise jogs a mile in twelve minutes and walks a mile in another fifteen minutes.

She is an advocate of a healthful living, full of zest and energy notwithstanding her advanced age. This story of Mrs. Crooks motivates us in writing this piece in our intention to further motivate health conscious people who are enjoying the fine weather this summer time.

It is common knowledge that many individuals spend a good sum of money just to trim down unwanted bumps, much more burn excess fats to get that desired curve. They attend slimming gyms or participate in workout sessions for the same purpose.

A gym specialist would offer several programs that would cater to individual need. A standard exercise regimen will be administered for a month increasing the time requirements as it prosper. The exercise however start after a few warm-up in preparation for a rigid one full hour back- stretching activity. The daily exercise is meant to tone down the muscle of the biceps, chest, thighs, arms and legs most especially the joints.

Afterwards, a fast lukewarm shower culminates the whole process. But somehow the monotonous routine discourage others to push through with the program as it is time consuming and usually run into conflict with important appointment or commitment.

On the other hand, other people with the same health interest do not enroll in gyms but take advantage of the high mountains, wide seas and the long, winding roads around them.

I am blessed with the opportunity of living in a subdivision situated about a hilltop. A quick glance would show a thinly populated subdivision surrounded by a high mountain laden with gigantic trees and evergreen wild (cogon) grass. The place is so serene and tranquil it offers the best chance and opportunity to jog, walk and exercise away from the polluted air of the city.

Climbing its hilly terrain from 6:00 in the morning serves as a favorite weekend outdoor exercise for the residents, who would unwind after a week-long work. It is not only a morning leisure activity for the young but for the old as well which later on turned into an exciting hobby.

The exhilarating view of Legazpi city with the Albay gulf at the foreground and the fresh cool mountain breeze of the verdant hill as one ascends the top are only few of the reasons any hiker would benefit from the climb; not to mention the miracle done to one’s body. The peace of mind they could get as the gentle breeze freely kiss their face, and finally the joy of conquering the challenge as they reached the apex is a blissful experience.

Now do you want to avail of this rare opportunity? Come with me, I will lead the way.

Dr. Elnora Brocales



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