Real reasons I fly high on Philippine Airlines

The simple reasons why I always fly Philippine Airlines. Here's why.

I am back, yet again, after a long hibernation of sorts. I fixed some personal issues, settled what should have been done before and still in the process of accepting and facing some other health circumstances that is part of life.

And then I completely pushed aside into the backburner and totally freed myself of thoughts about this channel.

I had a good rest, I travelled, visited my siblings and did what I have to do.

Coming full circle, I am back.

One good surprise on this return? My channel is now monetized. Thank you Youtube but it doesnt make any difference though since I havent uploaded any video, hence the earnigs from ads is an astonishing, hold your breath . . . . . .cents.

Ok, the purpose of this video is to deliver a shout out.

I will be sharing here the reasons why I fly PAL, always, but based on my experience on previous flights.

Welcome to Cbanga360 inMotion on YouTube.

I am back from a very long vacation which include two long haul flights, plenty of short road trips and exciting and breath taking boat rides by the San Miguel bay. But the most I hold dear are the short quality time I spent with my siblings.

I feel like this shortish feature update is an ice breaker after my long absence.

So I will just jump into it. I will share my thoughts on my preference with Philippine Airlines when flying in and out of the country.

It is the first airline that comes into mind when I plan travelling even on domestic trips.

I love direct flights, avoiding the hazzle one may encounter brought by or keeping up with flight transfer. Like when I went to fly from Manila to Los Angeles, the flight was direct.

Where on my itinerary it says the flight duration will last for so so so hours, the actual time spent on flight usually was shorter. Again my reference was my just concluded trip.

This last flight I had was delayed on take off or departure yet the plane landed still on-time. It took off delayed by about thirty minutes, yet the plane arrived earlier over the time stated on the ticket.

So now I wonder, do airlines add longer estimated flight time to compensate for delays just in case? But hey, way to go PAL! And kudos to the pilot and crew, always.

I feel at home flying with the Philippine flag carrier, which is by the way Asia’s first airline. PAL is celebrating its 75th year flying.

The flight attendants are always helpful, courteous and most important of all, they speak my language. It gives me the comfort and ambiance of home. Really, like I feel so at home while flying even as the flight is beyond twelve hours non-stop (flight).

On this my recent flight, I got two full meals, first after an hour after take off and another about an hour before it lands. Then there was the light snacks served. But of course I can seek the atttention of a flight attendant for a cup of noodles, or something, in between. Isn’t that cool!

And mind you, I liked the inflight food served coupled with choice drinks, coffee and tea, and then some.

Sometimes, the adrenalin rush of travel prep makes us forget to buy certain gifts, but no worry, PAL has got the in-flight boutique and duty free items onboard.

The airline has the best and experienced pilots. I always take note of the landings on my flights. No jolts, always smooth landing.

On board I just used my tablet to read books, and I did some online tasks too. PAL has wifi already.

I appreciate the presence of updated entertainment system available. I observed how my fellow travellers enjoyed listening to the music and watching movies.

I just thought that some passengers may have not closed their eyes to grab some sleep at all like my seatmates. The small LCD screens were always playing movies.

I recall on one of my travels, I was able to be on the Mabuhay or business class, too. Boy, it is like being on a cocoon, paraphrasing Queen Latiffa.

Just to clarify here, this is not a sponsored post or endorsement by and for the airline, I’m doing this to say thank you and I do really enjoy flying Philippine Airlines. I always do. By the way, I’m flying again, very soon. Todate, I have flown 20 roundtrips on PAL international flights and many more on domestic flights.

Sad to say, I dont have good footage to share here which could have complemented this post. I slipped my Go Pro and video cam on my bag overhead. But I do promise, on my next trip I will document it, as in, get good and enough footage to share. That’s a promise.

If you like my videos, appreciate if you hit the subscribe button and notification bell as support. I will see you on my next video then. Thanks for watching.

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