This Post is Very Personal Again

One of the many photo ops sans fresh halved-bukos and smiles.
Sharing and mixing with the new generation that may carry on the genes and family traditions.

Not too many things are meant to last. This, we have been privy to and part of, more than too often.

These photos were taken in Siruma town some years ago. People get that “high feeling” visiting the roots of their childhood and reminiscing the past. One thing sure, photos may fade and lose their luster and vividness but the memory will stay fresh like the newly blossomed red rose of the day.

Host of that memorable and “once in a blue moon” visit was then Siruma municipal kagawad Victoriano Abasola and his family. Together, they made the visit with warmth and as pleasurable as ever, according to our sources (No, this writer was not with the group).

There was fun- swimming on the beach, sailing by motorized banca, a picnic under the canopy of coconut trees, and visiting former acquaintances. The group also had a good share of fresh buko (tipong) meat and juice on the sprawl of coco plantations. They even had time checking out the Catholic chapel. And all the while updating and recalling about familiar people and events past and present.

This writer visited him one day on the last week of February and had a good chat. He was alert and still managed to “endure” a long conversation. If I were his son, I would be proud of him. I would have seen to it that he closes his eyes under my watch.

Fast forward today, the family now mourns the passing of the man leaving behind his sons, daughters and grandkids. He had his share of physical pain and mental anguish going thru a lingering illness. On Tuesday morning, he finally gave up and accepted his fate. (A quick recall here though, much, much earlier on the road, his wife passed away in November of 2005.) The send-off today should commence at 10:00 o’clock A.M. in Naga city.

Quite a coincidence, this month, we also commemorate the first year anniversary of another person close to this writer and referred to on the post linked here: Cbanga360 hates goodbyes.

At last, this post is very personal again!

But I don’t want anybody to feel bad for the chance will come knocking at one’s door one at a time, later, if not sooner. How’s that for comfort?(


4 thoughts on “This Post is Very Personal Again”

  1. Reading your blog bring back memories of my childhood. I grew up in Canaman, went to school in Naga city and Calabanga. My mother’s family still lives in Lugsad. My mother passed away right there in Calabanga in front of the city hall was burried in Manguiring. I’ll be coming home in June to visit my relatives in Lugsad.

    I chanced upon your blog looking for a place to visit in Siruma. I heard so much about this place. Thank you for bringing back memories.

    1. @Nilda
      Very nice to know you are reading Cbanga360. Wishing you the best in your journey back to your roots.

  2. @Jap Thanks for your kind words. I’ve been living in the US for nearly 33 years. My brothers are still in Manila. I will be home in June to visit Mama in Manguiring. Visit relatives in Lugsad, friends in Talidtid, Canaman. No matter where my life’s journey takes me, Camarines Sur still my home. I chanced upon your blogs yesterday looking for a place to visit while in Bikol. I put cbanga360 in my ‘favorites” so I can glace at it evertime I get a chance. BTW, are you from Calabanga?

    1. @Nilda Yes, tunay na Calabangueño. BTW, If you have time, share photos, reflections and impressions about the Bicol trip here. It must be interesting. Haven’t been to Lugsad. Show us the community, if you may.

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