Why Camarines Sur rejected medical equipments solicited by VP Robredo for Calabanga

Infirmary hospital equipments destined for Calabanga rejected by Gov. Villafuerte was eventually given and received by Naga City.
Infirmary hospital medical equipments destined for Calabanga rejected by Gov. Villafuerte was eventually given and received by Naga City.

smileredunhappyYes, Camarines Sur rejected medical equipments solicited by vice President Robredo destined for Calabanga.

Why the province of Camarines Sur rejected acceptance of medical equipments solicited by vice President Leni Robredo for an infirmary hospital in Calabanga was a no brainer attitude.

Here’s the story.

Vice President Leni Robredo successfully solicited medical equipments from Ancop (Answering the Cry of the Poor) Foundation Inc. (AFI) from the United States she earlier promised for an infirmary hospital in Barangay Paolbo.

According to Robredo, she solicited the equipments specifically for Calabanga based on the agreement reached with the Technical Working Group that assigned the task.

For its part, the provincial government has to provide the hospital’s operation personnel while district Congressman Gabriel H. Bordado will see the completion of an access road to the facility.

The local government under Mayor Eduardo Severo was assigned the installation of water connection service.

The clear assignments were laid down during the formal meeting of the Technical Working Group on 17 November last year inside the completed Calabanga Infirmary Hospital.

Present in the TWG conference were VP Robredo, governor Miguel Villafuerte, Bordado, Naga City Health Officer Dr. Vito Borja, Severo, officials of the Department of Health in Bicol and other agency representatives with specific task and responsibility for the operation of the hospital.

On the same meeting, Robredo was presented a list of medical equipments needed which she was able to solicit.

By June this year, the equipments became available prompting Robredo’s attendance in two meetings with the provincial government in scheduling the formal turn-over which should have been on the 20th of July.


When Robredo came back to attend the turn over, she received a letter from provincial administrator Angel Naval advising that Camarines Sur will not accept the medical equipments.

One of the reasons pointed out was that chairman Dante Jimenez of Presidential Anti-Corruption Commission (PACC), has placed the construction of the building of the infirmary hospital under investigation.

It is common knowledge projects Mrs. Robredo located in Naga city and in the towns comprising the third district while she was the representative are being subjected to investigation even as no anomalies are yet found.

One of the project subjected to PACC scrutiny was the regional Fish Port of Calabanga in Sabang. But afterwards, on July 5th this year, Presidential Adviser for Bicol Affairs and Undersecretary Marvel Clavecilla, along with Jimenez, were at the turnover ceremony as witnesses of the Municipal Fish Port.

The vice president was not invited for the event and many just forgot that Robredo was the project proponent.


The vice President pleads to Jimenez to stop causing division and trouble but rather help since he is allied and working for the administration of President Rodrigo Duterte.

As a fellow Bicolano, Robredo seeks the PACC chairman to help and bring projects in Bicol instead of focusing investigation on projects already completed while she was the third district representative of the province.

She reminds Jimenez it is best to make use his efforts and resources for the betterment of the many while still with the administration as it is not desirable destroying others.

Robredo chides the PACC chairperson “if he wants to show off to President Duterte, he can shine in other means, not in disparaging other people. As for me, we know who (is) are helping here. There is still time (as) many needs (are needy), on my advice let us just help.”

“Kun magpapasikat siya ki Presidente Duterte puede man magpasikat sa marhay na paagi, bako sa pagpapakaraot nin ibang tawo, sakuya lang aram taman kun siisay an nakakatabang digdi. Igwa pang panahon kadakol panga-ngaipo sa sakuyang advice magtabang na sana.”


After the provincial capitol rejected the donation, the equipments were given to the Our Lady of Lourdes Infirmary Hospital in Barangay Carolina of Naga city.

Vice President Robredo and Nathaniel Gomez, representative of AFI, led the official turnover to then acting mayor Nestor Legacion, then acting vice mayor Cecilia De Asis and City Health Officer Dr. Vito Borja on September 7, 2018.

How ironic. Now residents coming from upper barangays of Calabanga adjoining Naga City avail of the services of the hospital.


Thanks, a, e, naah, but no thanks to PACC chairperson Jimenez, governor Villafuerte, mayor Severo, and Angel Naval. Job well done in derailing the immediate operation of the first hospital in Calabanga!


Lucky you, Naga City!



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  1. These is ridiculous that town of Calabanga needs it more as there is no available hospital.. Naga city on the contrary has all the med facilities…

  2. That is why many could only wish when elections come, elect officials far better than the present crappy people on city halls, provincial capitols and even in both houses of congress. If only …..

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