We received an inquiry from our friend, also a reader of our online site. He noted that while he is engaged by the news, information and opinions posted, he is annoyed by the fact that there are advertisements showing on the web pages all the time.

We have a simple answer to that.

Like you dear readers, here at Cbanga360’s The Bicol Street Journal, we support and subscribe to the uncompromising free press. But of course, there is the need to find, ask for, support for us to continue bringing news updates with a touch and hint of a little satire on some, and when applicable, on a hopefully constant intervals.

2015_0330_BSJminiOur distributed volunteers consisting of contributing writers (prefer to remain anonymous on-line), editors, artist and temp office maintainers share the burden of their hard works you may only see the result via the finished product, the postings on-line.

But the team endures all the obstacles, mostly on the money side- financing.

This is where the ads enter. Like you, we also want to reduce the ads for comfortable reading experience. The ad revenue helps a bit in the maintenance and continuous operation of the site, but it is not enough, as yet.

There is the desire to push further the capabilities of the service to deliver, create and produce informative stuff for our readers. That would include production of contents, which we are constrained on the money side.

Writing the news and circulating it is not free.

So here, we are adding a Paypal button for those who desire to push our goals with a little donation. Please bear with us, we are using the Pay Pal for gathering funds thru.

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Help us maintain the websites, be generous and please donate here. Any amount will go a long way, and will be very much appreciated. Thank you.