Population breaching the 100 million mark is a challenge


MANILA — This is never good news. And should never be taken too lightly. But read, Malacanang seems to have a different view. The prospect of the Philippine population reaching the 100-million mark presents both a challenge and an opportunity for the country, the palace said Sunday.

More in the upbeat mood, the palace official said the Philippine development plan aims to make sure all Filipinos benefit from the nation’s growth.

Palace communications office secretary Herminio Coloma said it is both a challenge and an opportunity because people are the most important resource. That is our balanced view of the situation, he added.

It might seem more unbalanced in the real and true sense since more population will translate into more challenges in providing the basic needs and services, that at the current obtaining situation, obviously the government is on the failing side.

While Coloma was mouthing about the vaunted development plan geared for inclusive growth to make sure all Filipinos benefit from economic growth, it is more a punch in the air.

We will always have to revisit the Yolanda syndrome, public officials caught red handed in dealing with known danger and prevailing effects of an emergency, but stayed on the sidelines for sometime. Government officials who promise the sun and the moon should stay grounded and not a dreamer.


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