Political action committee can unify Bicol for common vice presidential candidate


smileredunhappyIf Bicol wants to see the next vice president of the republic to come from the region, all Bicolanos that include voters, politicians, civic and multi-sector organizations should close ranks and cross party lines to come up with one single candidate to support, campaign and vote come election day. After all, it will be a historic move as for the first time, the region will be united for one ‘noble’ purpose- electing the first Bicol-born politician to the second highest elective post in the land.

The highest national elective post a Bicolano ever attained is that of a senator (current and past senators Francis Escudero, Gregorio Honasan, Antonio Trillanes IV, Raul Roco, Joker Arroyo, Francisco Tatad, Edmundo Cea, Tecla San Andres Ziga, Eddie Ilarde, etc.).

This was the pronouncement of a prominent provincial official who happen to be a ranking party leader of a political party.

In one private huddle just before the observance of the Holy Week, the respected personality was asked the personal opinion on who to support and vote if given the ‘freedom’ to say so. The leader did not hide the discomfort on the fact that there are too many Bicol politicians gunning for the vice-presidency, dividing the potent force of the regions’ voters to several hopeful candidates, which could dampen the viability of winning thereby giving the other candidate not from Bicol a very strong mileage of winning.

The party official pointed out that the other candidate claim strong backing from the expanded northern Luzon regions popularly referred to as the ‘legend’ of solid north vote while in Bicol, the four candidates are getting a slice each of the region’s voters. A bummer, according to the official.

Mumbling with controlled disappointment since the past surveys, Bicol VP candidates hugged the third to fifth places except for current Senator Francis Escudero, but lately the Sorsogon lawmaker is now in tight race with Bongbong Marcos.

The politician said Bicolanos can not be camplacent that Escudero can continue leading the survey as Marcos, Jr. has shown tenacity and popularity, wading his way to the front of the survey list.

The official was also skeptical of his party’s choice of candidate for the vice-presidency of Leni Robredo, at first a reluctant, then pushover neophyte merely riding on the popularity of name recall of a family member who used to be a local government official from Naga City.

The good official broached the idea that a united Bicol Political Action Committee whose prime movers will cross party lines, close ranks and coordinate fund raising, organization, and everything possible to handle a successful campaign and election.

An observer opined that it is already late at this time since it should have been done many months before October 2015, when the vice-presidential candidates were just luke warm on the idea of becoming running mates of presidential hopefuls.

In the end the provincial official smiled with confidence that their party has unlimited campaign fund and well-oiled organizational machinery, it could almost guarantee a good win for their candidates.

  • Bicol needs a Political Action Committee (BPAC) that will cross party lines
  • BPAC to urge unity, consolidate regional vote for common vice presidential candidate
  • Need to choose only one from among Bicolano candidates


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